22 May 2010

Summer Essentials.....

Beautiful editorial with Amber Valletta, she is stunning and looking at those photos can't stop thinking about my holidays ...moments where i am all day in the beach enjoying the sun and the sea!
Cause for me Summer without these it's simply not a summer ! More Summer is on it's way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 May 2010


                         American Apparel Nail Polish!

The time fo regular pedicures has come, exposing the toes with beautiful sandals , important rule... beautiful nails!
I really like the American Apparel nail polish colours!!!!!
Perfect for the summer days.........

20 May 2010

          Jil Sander Navy
I love the Navy line from Jil Sander's collection, i think most of it is not navy but anyway the point is that it's very wearable with beautiful colours and great line. Always keeping the minimal effortless look.
The capsulle collection has boxy dresses, classic trenches, and minimal shirt-dresses are made with fancy-sounding things like cotton voile, micro twill, and techno gabardine, which go perfectly with their re-done traditional house oxfords and sandals now made in canvas. 

Fans of Jil Sander who aren't fans of its prices, lend us your ears! Set to appear in stores in January '11, the lower-priced collection, Jil Sander Navy, will feature prices that start around $322 for a shirt to jackets and coats that will go for as high as $3,895—not exactly cheap, per se, but it sure beats the crazy-town prices from the Jil Sander proper label. The aesthetic of Navy will also have a bit more of a "dynamic attitude" (read: less anal-retentive librarian, more neat-dressing architect who wears prints!), and will rely on lightweight jerseys, knits, dresses, skirts, jeans, pants, and outerwear, along with handbags, footwear, and belts. Now we can get all the impeccability of Raf Simon's Jil Sander, but with a splash of humor? We're glad the brand's finally loosening their collar!  www.refinery29.com

                                               I really like the different colours on the clothes!

19 May 2010

Sunny London, not really!

I woke up today and i looked out of the window , to see a beautiful day , sunny ,warm and i thought to myself, i need to get out and enjoy this! instead of sitting in front of my pc the whole day.....
So i went to Clissold park before meeting  my friends ,and it was perfect , very few people there , so i sat down the grass and enjoyed just 30 minutes of beautiful sunshine, cause it was just an illusion , later on, the sky was full of clouds , look at me! all i do is talking about the weather! it's part of the English culture i guess......

I took some pictures of myself and my surrounding as i had no book with me or nothing to do and  playing with the camera was a bit fun......made my sunbathing  more interesting, i always wonder though when you take pictures of yourself , if someone is looking at , it looks quite narcisistic thing to do lol ! I was quite shocked by the paleness of my skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holidays are around the corner.....
It's the first time i post photos of myself as i am new in the blog world , seeing photos of others in other blogs i find it quite inspiring so WHY NOT  it's good to try things out....innit?

                                 Wearing my stripe top , loose black pants and those wedges        
                                                  which  i've had for so many years now!

                                                            Clouds covering the sun:(

La Gioconda!

Mona Lisa (also known as La Gioconda or La Joconde) is a 16th century portrait painted in oil on a poplar panel in Florence Italy by Leonardo di ser Piero Da Vinci during the Renaissance. The work is currently owned by the government of France and is on display an the Louvre museum in Paris under the title Portrait of Lisa Gherardini  wife of Francesco del Giocondo. Arguably, it is the most famous and iconic painting in the world.

I thought about it and i decided that i want to print a tee that will have Mona Lisa on, i think it's a lovely print and her presence is so strong , it's not so easy to find t-shirts with nice art work on.....hmmm in the morning i come up with good ideas! :)

Choose the art you like and let's make LOVELY tees!!!! unique in appearance and special cause they will be created by us....... What do you think?

18 May 2010


What a better way to welcome the summer!
I have always loved stripes, the marine look, that Coco Chanel introduced, stripes  work so well with everything! I also love mixing them with other prints....
Unfortunately i'm still dreaming of a summer......in London the summer looks like a dream, but soon will go on holidays to Greece so i can indulge myself  totally to the shorts and heels look :) 

I'm working on a post , all you need for a happy holiday!


17 May 2010

My new sunglasses!

I got those shades as a little treat from a friend a few weeks ago and i absolutely wear them religiously!

One of the greatest shoots in history! 'Angel story' Bazaar 1993

I absolutely looooooove this shoot by Lindbergh, i still remember it after so many years , so inspiring .
It was shot in Times Square in NY they had to close the street to shoot it!
His photos are so cinematic and raw, Amber Valletta is stunning , he captures her beauty in such a magical way, black and white on the streets of NY ,  wearing the Angel wings.......no words to describe.......the syling and makeup are AMAZING!

His pictures, often rendered in black and white with their industrial guts (cameras, lights, cords) showing, exhibit a deconstructed kind of beauty. "I show elements of the set in my pictures because it's not real," Lindbergh explains. "When I see movies, I often love the 'making of' more than the movie itself. It's not so final. When you have a woman just standing there, it doesn't mean much."

 His pictures mean a lot. He originally studied art in Berlin, beginning his photography career almost by accident. "Someone I knew needed an assistant. But I could have easily been a baker or worked in a flower shop." In 1973, he started shooting monochromatic advertising campaigns. ("Black and white, you see under the skin, no?") Today Lindbergh's imagery is instantly recognizable: from British Vogue to Harper's Bazaar; in campaigns for Dior, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, and LancĂ´me; numerous exhibitions; and five books. And sometimes, when arriving in New York from his home in Paris, he drives past his epic portraits of Kate Moss or Daria Werbowy on billboards for jeweler David Yurman.