10 August 2011

In the search for the perfect Autumn ankle boots.......

These babies are Dries a few seasons back 1 or 2 i think!
Wish i could get my hands or better say my feet on those :) They are the PERFECT pair of Autumn boots , don't want to use the word Winter as it really scares me at the moment, haven't had enough of summer......yet.
So i have been looking for a few weeks now for a pair of statement not IT ankle boots that will take me through Autumn :) Winter and i can pull off with everything and anything....
And there i am the other day in of one of my favourite retail stores in London, Cos , and i found a nice pair of Chelsea ankle boots, they are not as the photo above but still really cool!
They look kind of vintage right? maybe i will get lucky and they will come to me ...:) as i will check in markets and vintage stores for the perfect sister pair...!

Love this snakeskin purse!!! found it on ebay ....classy!

Beautiful colours! Still haven't found the right white pants....:(


8 August 2011

Black & white photography by Paola Kudacki....

I was reading one of my favourite blogs this afternoon, called Tales Of Endearment here and I discovered the beautiful photography of Paola Kudacki which i have never heard before.
Always good to discover people's work! love it.....Thanks to Tales!
 She is a fashion photographer , I was reading her blog and I fell in love with her personal photos! 
you can check them out here ! 
Great work , very inspirational......


7 August 2011

Stine Goya SS/12.........beautiful hair colour...

I really love their hairstyle so much!!!
Especially the colour is beautiful sort of ginger blonde.......I had the fringe look and I always end up getting bored of it though....and there are so many fringe hair around that is not that special anymore but it definitely complements the colour and the clothes of Stine Goya's show.
The collection is really nice  with easy wearable pieces , beautiful soft and brighter colours.
Photos are taken, by Anywho blog.
It must be today's inspiration then! :)
Have a great Sunday! xxx