10 August 2011

In the search for the perfect Autumn ankle boots.......

These babies are Dries a few seasons back 1 or 2 i think!
Wish i could get my hands or better say my feet on those :) They are the PERFECT pair of Autumn boots , don't want to use the word Winter as it really scares me at the moment, haven't had enough of summer......yet.
So i have been looking for a few weeks now for a pair of statement not IT ankle boots that will take me through Autumn :) Winter and i can pull off with everything and anything....
And there i am the other day in of one of my favourite retail stores in London, Cos , and i found a nice pair of Chelsea ankle boots, they are not as the photo above but still really cool!
They look kind of vintage right? maybe i will get lucky and they will come to me ...:) as i will check in markets and vintage stores for the perfect sister pair...!

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