8 May 2010

Inspiring Looks ....

Again i wake up ,make my coffee ,  have my breakfast ,switch on my PC and i get so absorbed by the cyber world that i forget other very important things to do like going for a swim! aaaaahhhhhhhh! need to control myself.....lol
I discovered a website called lookbook, http://lookbook.nu/  where it's full of photos of young girls most of them bloggers , posting their outfits!

Incredible what one can do nowadays....while browsing the photos i saved a few that i like and i find them chic, to SHARE with you.

                                                                 This photo is brilliant!!!
                                                                  Super cool look!

                                                       Her trousers and her hat are very chic!

                         Loooove the colours and the backround wall in this one , great selection of colours! 

                                           Romantic look, it's not really my style but i love this photo.
                              Oversized jumper works so well with her shoes and the turqoise clutch!!!
                                                       The whole outfit is very well styled.

7 May 2010

Polaroid Scarves by Philippe Roucou!

I love the idea of those polaroid scarves!!!! so unique ,and they look so chic on!
I really want to buy one but they are quite pricy! So for those who love polaroid photography, and scarves, now the 2 became 1, so we can WEAR them....Smart and Chic!

French designer Philippe Roucou  www.philipperoucou.com has released a line of 100% silk scarves based around Polaroid found art. For those unfamiliar with the term, that means the Polaroid photos were simply found at random - perhaps on the street, in a garage sale, etc - and in almost all cases the artist is unknown. Shame, cause i would love to know the artist as i find his vision very inspiring.


                                                             That's one of my favourite!
                                                                 I love the concept ...

5 May 2010

Shrink to fit! Vogue Italia!

Boy i looooooooooooooooooooove this shoot!!!!!!!!
Steven Meisel did it once again, what a great set! AMAZING styling, and beautiful models, it can't get any better......Love the backdrop where it makes everything look kind of vintage , works so well with the clothes, and the vintage old furniture are a great and simple idea to the set!
Overall i love the whole shoot, from the hair, to the makeup, to the styling,  lighting! to the set!!!
And of course i have a weakness for black and white photography...... 
I keep on looking at the photos over and over and over again, is one of those ones that you can't get enough...you know the feeling!

2 May 2010

Abbey Lee the NEW Kate Moss!

So she is very beautiful and she has a great sense of style, Abbey Lee Kershaw  is taking over the cover of magazines! I really believe that she is the new Kate Moss, i find a strange similarity and her style is so inspiring.
I want to post a few photos i found online that i really like and share it with you guys!

And now a few colourful ones.......

She has a great style and that's something worth posting!

Will be back! working on a very inspiring post!
Love xxx