7 May 2010

Polaroid Scarves by Philippe Roucou!

I love the idea of those polaroid scarves!!!! so unique ,and they look so chic on!
I really want to buy one but they are quite pricy! So for those who love polaroid photography, and scarves, now the 2 became 1, so we can WEAR them....Smart and Chic!

French designer Philippe Roucou  www.philipperoucou.com has released a line of 100% silk scarves based around Polaroid found art. For those unfamiliar with the term, that means the Polaroid photos were simply found at random - perhaps on the street, in a garage sale, etc - and in almost all cases the artist is unknown. Shame, cause i would love to know the artist as i find his vision very inspiring.


                                                             That's one of my favourite!
                                                                 I love the concept ...

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