24 September 2010

Best streetstyle outfits ...

The reason why i like these outfits, is that they are not too polished and FASHION WANNA BE COOL!
Hope you like them as well, images taken from Copenhagen streetstyle.
And psssssst Lovely people don't forget to send me images with outfits , want to get inspired all over again!!!
:)) bye for now xx


I have this idea.....ok are you ready to listen???

How about some of you fashion junkies send me a photo with your best styled outfit and i will post  the most inspiring ones! You should send it to my email : mata.papageorgiou@gmail.com
That's just an example......

Looking forwrad to see some great photos, just improvise, they don't have to look like they came just out of vogue, i don't want that! Want to see your own thing!!!

Lovely girls and boys out there hit me with some nice photos please........


21 September 2010

My new vintage treats!

I have started working with Vintage clothes and accessories .....so dangerous as there are so many nice things i want and i can afford! Have to be careful .....saying that, i want to post two of my new vintage buyings.....treats as i call them :)
Love them, dress fits perfectly and skirt is so pretty.....they look much better on than on the hanger .
What do you think?
             Leopard print stripe dress
         Velvet beaded skirt
Sorry for the poor quality of the images, they are a mobile upload.