16 April 2010

A day at the V&A

The day that i decided to go to the V&A i was recovering out of a really bad virus :( so i really needed some form of inspiration in my life, and that's how i headed  to the incredible and inspiring V&A (Victoria and Albert) museum of art and design. There was a great exhibition called Fashion,don't know if it's still on but if it's still on, i highly reccomend it,  and it's for free! It's reaaaaaally good , one can see clothes back from the 1850's up until now...i'm posting a selection of my favourite inspiring outfits, cause unfortunately they were too many to post all , i have also left a small part out, that i will post some other day and it's related to SHOES. So i took some photos to share with you.!
The PIANO dress is made by Karl Lagerfeld.

                                                  That's a Apres -ski Jacket by Ascher 1960

Dress Zandra Rhodes 1977

 Coctail velvet dress Valentino Garavani 1969 , Jactet & trousers silk satin Emillio Pucci 1965, Coat Missoni 2003
                                                                 Muslin Dress 1830

                       Woman's Riding jacket 1750-60                 Suit Barbara Hulanicki (BIBA) 1970
                                                     Suit Dolce&Gabbana AW/2004-5
                                                   Suitcase Tracey Emin for Longchamp 2004

 Evening dress Adolfo 1967, he was famous for his extravagant patchwork evening looks, this dress is made   from recycled  antique- crazy patchwork quilt to make the skirt, neck ruff and wrist ruffles. The neck is totally Balenciaga Resort 2010!!!!

                                                Evening dress-gown Jeanne Lanvin winter 1935.

                                                  Evening dress Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel 1932

  From the left, evening ensemble Cristobal Balenciaga 1967, centre evening dress by Pierre Cardin 1970, Thierry Mugler 1999-2000
                                          Dress Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garcon 2001
                                                               Dress by Zac Posen 2000
                                              Dress by Legendary Alexander Mc Queen SS/10
                                                    Evening dress by Christian Lacroix 1996

                                         ' Watteau' evening dress by Vivienne Westwood 1996

                                                      Iconic designer, Elsa Sciaparelli 1938

14 April 2010

Snap the Look!

I was walking home from work , i was in Notting hill so on my way to the tube i stopped by the usual vintage shop to check what else??? SHOES! Retro vintage is the name of the shop where they stock vintage designer pieces but i find it a bit overpriced.....so i was saying, as i'm really trying to avoid to buy anything at the moment, cause i think consumerism is a BAD BAD thing . (in the past, i have bought there 2 pairs of great second hand shoes in bargain prices ! downstairs at the basement , you can find all kinds of shoes and discover in the madness a pair that you adore..sadly i found this gorgeous leopar print shoes,perfect heel for the day, similar to Alexander Wang's leopar shoes that i love, but as it's quite common when you are looking to buy  vintage they  were too small! i'm a size 6 you see :( i really loved them! oh well... it wasn't meant to happen.)

So i went in and the girl that was working there was looking so sophisticated , i really liked her style so i snapped her! Her name is Ellen and she is from Sweden and from what i found out she is an artist, ohhhhh the music in  the shop was extremely loud and strange , i asked her what it was and she said it's swedish music, i guess folk... really cool!!!  So here we go....

And i also snapped Ricky he is a fashion designer and he is from London, and i loved his summer look! he is wearing gorgeous sandals!!! Looooove his i'm famous tee... well now you are my friend .

13 April 2010

Cool old lady on the street!

I was walking to go to work today near knightsbridge, and in front of me to my surprise, i saw a very cool old lady,around (70+) ,wearing biker boots!!! and a beautiful print coat with a matching hat! So cute!!!I really admire people at this age for having a unique style that reflects somehow their personality. She looked totally COOL! Unfortunately didn't get the chance to shoot her from the front but you can still see her unique elegant style.
So cute....
I really wish i will reach that age and still be looking cool and young in the heart!

12 April 2010

Very soon , meaning in the next few days, i'm working on a post ,of an exhibition that i went a week ago at the VA called fashion. VERY INSPIRING that's all i'm saying.......

11 April 2010

Pop photoshoot by Paolo Roversi!

This is one of my favourite photoshoots of all times!It was featured on pop magazine a few months ago , the model is Jessica Stam, fashion by Vanessa Reid and the photographer is Paolo Roversi! Love the styling  and the concept are AMAZING!!!
photos were taken from http://fashiongonerogue.com

      My collage of Vanessa Reid shoot, Love the styling!

Vintage Boudoir!

This is one of my favourite shop's of all, not so much for the vintage clothes but for the lovely person that works in there! We originally met at Dirty Blonde shop on Church street, which is quite close to my house and we have become very close friends, Chafik is a fashion designer as well as an artist , i will post his work so you can see how brilliant he is ,in the future.

Chafik  is the creative person behind this lovely vintage shop on Church street, in Stoke Newington. His window displays are very creative and quirky as well as the  merchandising of the shop. LOVE !!!