14 April 2010

Snap the Look!

I was walking home from work , i was in Notting hill so on my way to the tube i stopped by the usual vintage shop to check what else??? SHOES! Retro vintage is the name of the shop where they stock vintage designer pieces but i find it a bit overpriced.....so i was saying, as i'm really trying to avoid to buy anything at the moment, cause i think consumerism is a BAD BAD thing . (in the past, i have bought there 2 pairs of great second hand shoes in bargain prices ! downstairs at the basement , you can find all kinds of shoes and discover in the madness a pair that you adore..sadly i found this gorgeous leopar print shoes,perfect heel for the day, similar to Alexander Wang's leopar shoes that i love, but as it's quite common when you are looking to buy  vintage they  were too small! i'm a size 6 you see :( i really loved them! oh well... it wasn't meant to happen.)

So i went in and the girl that was working there was looking so sophisticated , i really liked her style so i snapped her! Her name is Ellen and she is from Sweden and from what i found out she is an artist, ohhhhh the music in  the shop was extremely loud and strange , i asked her what it was and she said it's swedish music, i guess folk... really cool!!!  So here we go....

And i also snapped Ricky he is a fashion designer and he is from London, and i loved his summer look! he is wearing gorgeous sandals!!! Looooove his i'm famous tee... well now you are my friend .

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