18 December 2010

Pamela Love i LOVE!!!

Pamela Love:
After working as a stylist, painter and set designer, Pamela Love started her eponymous jewelry label in 2007. The American draws inspiration from "nature, music and magic" to create opulent designs with a rock cool edge. Give every outfit a touch of tough with chunky bronze cuffs, striking arrowhead necklaces and statement silver rings.

I really admire people that are talented and passionate about their work.
It is so inspiring what she does and i love the way she talks about every single piece of her collection , the story and the elements that makes them so special ,not to say about the beautiful and UNIQUE design of her jewellery!
Her collection is so  beautiful and i wish i could afford a few pieces , they are truly mystique, i love the way she uses elements of nature by transforming them into gorgeous jewellery! 
I also like the fact that she has her own style and individuality and that she doesn't follow any trends which makes her jewellery pieces so exceptional, her work is a reflection of her personality and her experiences .

Passion and love for what we do is the most important element to success!

15 December 2010

ASOS Marketplace Street style Shoot

Today i organised a streetstyle photoshoot with myself Dusty and my friend Carolina soon to be a blogger .....
It's for https://marketplace.asos.com/ , where you can buy beautiful vintage or designer pieces , anyone can sell their own treasures with the only rule, it has to be  a streetstyle shoot .
Love the idea ! it's so much fun and + you get to see what models in a way have to go through shooting in the freezing cold weather while trying to be looking natural and good!

All the beautiful pieces we are wearing are vintage .
I work for a company that deals  vintage clothing and accessories, there are also two cute shops in East London one in Bricklane and the other in Stoke Newington called dirtyblonde where you can shop similar clothes as the ones above, we will be listed tomorrow on marketplace for those who want to indulge into vintage shopping....:)

I also have my friend's Dusty  photos to post which i will do in the next few days, today is the girls post ouuuuf done!
Please as this is quite new i would love to hear your thoughts or comments!

Thank You lovely Carolina and Dusty for a fun fun day!
Love xxx

14 December 2010

Nasty Gal we love you!

I really love these items from Nasty Gal , thinking of treating myself maybe for xmas....:)
It's a great website with lovely things,  well styled and great prices!
You should check it out my friends and let me know what you think.... www.shopnastygal.com
I'm working with Vintage clothing so can't wait to post a few ideas for vintage LOVERS!
kiss! xx