18 December 2010

Pamela Love i LOVE!!!

Pamela Love:
After working as a stylist, painter and set designer, Pamela Love started her eponymous jewelry label in 2007. The American draws inspiration from "nature, music and magic" to create opulent designs with a rock cool edge. Give every outfit a touch of tough with chunky bronze cuffs, striking arrowhead necklaces and statement silver rings.

I really admire people that are talented and passionate about their work.
It is so inspiring what she does and i love the way she talks about every single piece of her collection , the story and the elements that makes them so special ,not to say about the beautiful and UNIQUE design of her jewellery!
Her collection is so  beautiful and i wish i could afford a few pieces , they are truly mystique, i love the way she uses elements of nature by transforming them into gorgeous jewellery! 
I also like the fact that she has her own style and individuality and that she doesn't follow any trends which makes her jewellery pieces so exceptional, her work is a reflection of her personality and her experiences .

Passion and love for what we do is the most important element to success!

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  1. Thank you for your comment! I found yours and I'm loving it. Also, I love those kind of jewelry. Riminds me a brand names Yoshiko Creation Paris. http://www.yoshikocreationparis.com/index.htm