18 September 2010

Backstage at Rodarte!

Really LOVED Rodarte show! Beutiful prints!!!!!! very 60's and 70's inspired.......few words to describe this beautiful collection. The beautiful duo-sisters did it again, only this time they grew up entirely in this season. Love the layers of clothes in this collection ,a wood-grain-print blouse sliced high on the torso to reveal a provocative flash of skin above pleated trousers; the colours, cropped jackets and wrapped skirts decorate the models as they walk in their 70's style down the catwalk.
The platform wedges were carved from wood, metal, and pyrite cubes into butterflies and flowers. Devine shoes and not only, every bit of this collection is ethereal unique and glamorous!
Now i truly LOVE  the hair and makeup in this show, so girlie and sexy ......
(images taken from Dazed digital)
Rodarte Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Kate and Laura Mulleavy found inspiration for Spring in their backyard. Make that their childhood backyard. The sisters, who now reside in Pasadena, grew up in Northern California, and it was the redwoods native to that part of the country from which this collection sprouted. On the phone the night before the show, Laura promised "every shade of brown you can imagine, seventies suburbia, wood paneling, gold, off colors like chartreuse—basically, a combination of all the things that represent the area to us." www.style.com

16 September 2010


Stolen Girlfriends Club is an influence with longevity in a world of fashion known for its fickle acceptance of the next big thing. They are the enemies of cliché churn & burn fashion and while their nonchalant attitude toward many facets of fashion are made obvious, take them serious.
Since Stolen Girlfriends Club’s inception in 2005, it has been an educating experience for creators and partners Dan Gosling, Marc Moore and Luke Harwood. A similar story among many young, like minded people who see a void in the market for clothing, they simply began making pieces themselves "We love the idea of doing things ourselves," say the three. "Like just picking up a camera or making a film, there's something really nice about not being taught and not having your ideas or fundamentals shaped by influence or a teacher. As long as you have good intuition and vision for the final outcome, it doesn't matter how you get there and the technical imperfections actually add feeling to a project."
And as for the name, wondering what it all means? For some people, Stolen Girlfriends Club is just an interesting name that leaves a distorted noise in your ear.  To others it’s about love lost and found. That bubble where even breathing hurts but as days go by you gradually move on. It’s that moment when the greatest songs are written and the most incredible art is produced.

I love the simplicity and the GRUNGY look of those fabrics.....they are a mix of VINTAGE and GYPSIE look very well blended together....
I also love the fact that behind the stolengirlfriendsclub are 3 surfer's from New Zealand that came up with the idea of making beautiful clothes for both sexes, easy to wear without trying too hard to impress!
Looking forward to get my hands on them.....their AW/10 is very beautiful and the colours from their SS/11 are sooo  gorgeous!
I also think their name and their logo is truly beautiful and unique. Well done Guys keep up the good work!
I will post some outfits from their Spring Summer collection that will make you scream....?
You can find them in London at Liberty and Start boutique.