23 April 2011

Caroline De Maigret.......

Does she remind you of the post i did few days ago here when i didn't kno who she was???
Her name is Caroline De Maigret and she got my attention once i spotted her online,  her androgynous - feminine style is very strong in the photos above , so i did a little research and she turns out to be a thirtysomething beauty who was on Alexander's Wang runaway !
She used to model in the late '90s for Chanel and Marc Jacobs , she also has acting under her belt , Zoe Cassavetis film , " Powder room"
So modeling , acting and a record label called Bonus Tracks is what Caroline has under her belt.....
Interesting ...? Wonder what's next!

20 April 2011

Polka dot shorts.....

Playing around with my camera, such a great warm day today......
Shorts are vintage , top h&m

Coachella style looks........

After endless hours checking Coachella festival online ...:(  next year i will be there ,you bet!
I picked my favourite looks the ones i wanna share with you......
As you can see from the photos denim shorts are everywhere, lovely vintage pieces and cool celeb girls are amongst the Coachella fans, as it is famous for being one of the most glamorous festivals in the world.....
Love the summery.. laid back looks above , giving me great ideas on how to embrace the
summer! What is your favourite summer outfit...?
Photos from : elle, vogue, refinery29, fashionologie.

18 April 2011

More of .......denim........!

jeans jeans denim denim blue blue!!!
Summer baby!!!!
 it's all about the welcoming of Spring-Summer season.

17 April 2011

........denim shorts......!

Thats what i wanna be wearing all summer.......so easy and comfy!
Love shorts especially denim, they have become such a massive trend, so many people are wearing them , they are not so exclusive anymore , but there are always different ways of wearing them adding a small detail that will make them stand out or an accessory that will make them extra special !
I can't wait for the weather to get warmer so i can wear them without  tights! :)

Photos taken HERE.....