23 April 2011

Caroline De Maigret.......

Does she remind you of the post i did few days ago here when i didn't kno who she was???
Her name is Caroline De Maigret and she got my attention once i spotted her online,  her androgynous - feminine style is very strong in the photos above , so i did a little research and she turns out to be a thirtysomething beauty who was on Alexander's Wang runaway !
She used to model in the late '90s for Chanel and Marc Jacobs , she also has acting under her belt , Zoe Cassavetis film , " Powder room"
So modeling , acting and a record label called Bonus Tracks is what Caroline has under her belt.....
Interesting ...? Wonder what's next!


  1. Great photographs, never seen her before ♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  2. Thanks Eda! i recently discovered her myself....love her simple yet strong style... xxx

  3. She's got the style I'm beginning to adopt. The look that says "Be Yourself". Love it!