15 December 2012

High waist jeans....

Her name is Jessica De Ruiter and she is one of the most famous fashion stylists in LA.
She has really got my attention, when I saw photos and an interview of her at http://www.garancedore.fr/en/2012/11/12/jessica/. what I love about her is her long messy blonde hair, her amazing skin and her effortless style.
 I really love her high waist jeans so obsessed myself with high waist jeans- trousers and I find it so hard to find the right shape that flatters the body....but thanks to Garance Dore Jessica gives some great tips of on her wardrobe, you can find out more about her tips here


Inspiration of the day.....

 Love her bob lace top and grungy look!

27 October 2012

Out of bed hair look....

Love love this hair style, long and messy, looking like you just got out of bed....
Hair please grow now!

Inspiration of the day....

Love the nude soft colours in this photo of Kate Moss shot by Ellen Von Unwerth!

21 October 2012

Fall cravings......

It's Sunday and it's the best time to relax and do online shopping :)
I spotted those beauties at Cos and I am really tempted to buy them as they are so easy, wearable and classic pieces. You can't really go wrong with a roll neck dress styled with those boots for a grungy '90s look and that little purse is so perfect for my bag :)
tata! x


Have I mentioned how much I love stripes?!
In shirts, like the one above , trousers, jumpers ! It's  hard though to find the right stripes with the right fit and colour....
I would love to get a shirt like the one above, it's like stealing your boyfriends shirt that is if your boyfriend wears stripe shirts, mine doesn't :( so I need to hunt one down!
Have a good Sunday everyone!

Photos are taken from into the gloss.

13 October 2012

Grunge all over again....

I love the laid back but grungy street looks above!
They really inspire me and I just want to get a sweatshirt like in the 1st photo right now!!!!! and the jeans are so cool! grrrr want want want....calm down ....
The denim blue patches 3rd look is also very high on my list, I am a denim maniac I can never have enough jeans.
This collection is actually very nice and the styles vary a lot from one another. It's a lot better than previous ones more edgy and to the point if you know what I mean...Shoes are really cool.
It's rock, young and sexy exactly what I want.
Well done Philip Lim ! Will definitely copy your looks.
All looks are from Philip Lim SS13 runaway show on style.com

2 October 2012

Saint Laurent.....

I just love the Saint Laurent show! Hedi Slimane rocks!!!!! I can't tell you how much I love these hats! oh god....and the whole Boho ethnic look
More about the collection later.....

31 August 2012

Denim long shorts....

I love this outfit simple sexy and chic! Perfect for a night out or day!
In the summer especially in warm countries I don't feel like getting dressed as much as in the fall , the heat makes wanna dress simple and comfortable. For me the most important items in my closet during hot summer days are tees , shorts and sandals.
When I was in Greece for a month this summer all I wore were denim shorts, and dresses,  it felt great...already missing those days! :(


30 August 2012

Fall cravings...

I can't think of a better jacket or outerwear for Autumn...a nice warm colour coat like in the 1st photo, and a bomber jacket that goes with everything and anything.
Love the option of having both cause they are actually both very different in their use or maybe it's my materialistic nature that makes me wanna have them both!
What do you think?
What is your favourite Autumn piece? and what would you choose to hang in your wardrobe?
You can email me at mata.papageorgiou@gmail.com
Hit me with your thoughts! :)
1st photo is by the amazing Garance Dore's blog and 2nd photo I can't really remember...:( sorry

22 August 2012

Wet hair look...

I love her style it is perfect for summer, wet hair and cool sunnies!
I love the wet hair look but every time I seem to do it in my hair, it never lasts for more than 2 hrs....:(
I know I need to find the right product that will make your hair shine, look wet for more than 2 hrs without becoming dry and sticky.....Can anyone recommend a good product for a perfect wet hair look? plssss


13 August 2012

A stroll in old Athens


Sorry for not posting anything the past few weeks but I am on holidays in Greece and I wanted to take a break from the Internet, saying that the past few days I have been online every day!
It's hard not to when the cyber world can offer so many paths to knowledge it depends how someone is using it...

Yesterday I was strolling around the old Athens,the area of Plaka and Acropoli feeling like a tourist myself and I took few photos using my iPhone to share with you.
Love the old Athenian buildings! It's such a shame that we don't have those buildings all around Athens....like it used to be back in the '50s.

Soon I will post photos from my holidays to the island of Ios stay tuned!

20 July 2012


This is my new hairstyle love braids in all forms and styles !
When I used to have long hair I used to do all sorts of braids.
Thanks to my friend and hairstylist I don't need to worry about my hair for a day or two ...


16 July 2012

Yummy !

Organic planet has the best flat Spelt bread with toppings of your choice soooo good!

New in...

Love my new Nike&Liberty print collaboration sneakers !
My feet are smiling they are super comfortable !
They are sold exclusively at liberty..
Have a good week everyone!

13 July 2012


90's CHANEL !
Just love it, it takes me back to my early adolescent years...90's all the way!
Amber Valetta and Shalom Harlow Gorgeous girls!
They left a mark in the modelling history of the 90's, grunge, sexy, with great style and personality that was reflected in the photos.
Miss those days...x

Inspiration of the day....

Love love! the hairstyle in this photo and her sunnies!
Really cool style I will definitely copy it while on holidays in Greece...easy pretty and full of summer if that makes sense :)
Photo via http://jakandjil.com/

5 July 2012


Love Emma Elwin's style in this photo! Her pants are vintage pucci and she styled it so great with her zara platforms with a simple silk black shirt, and as a final touch a beautiful bouquet of roses divine!


30 May 2012

Hello Lovely people!

Today it's a gorgeous day and I am off from work! :)))
I am getting ready for my one to one yoga session and then off for a  swim , later in the day will go to my dear friend and hair stylist to cut my hair and then in the evening will have dinner with friends.
It's nice to be off when the sun is shinning !
From now on you can follow me at Instagram, Mata Papa @stylewonderland please follow me for loads of fun and silly photos and updates!

Have a nice Wednesday !x

16 May 2012


I absolutely LOVE the bucket bags from Delphine Delafon's. They are sooooo amazing !
They come in all these different colours and styles, I WANT one !!!
You can check her website HERE

25 April 2012


Have I told you how much in love I am with Gaia's Repossi jewelry?!!!
OMG! I really want one of those to die for rings and cuffs! They are so divine and feminine but with a bit of an edge....
Ohh and I love her campaign photos with Malgosia Bela, what a beauty!
A little bit of history for those who have never heard of the Repossi family....

As Artistic Director and the only daughter of Alberto Repossi, Gaia Repossi is responsible for developing collections for the storied house founded by her great grandfather.

With a degree in Fine Arts and a masters in Archaeology and Anthropology, Repossi is inspired by ethnic silhouettes and tribal adornment coupled with contemporary art.

Using this knowledge, she is able to leave behind conventional design while still remaining true to the traditions of old world craftsmanship.  

The skills of artisans are employed with a youthful sensibility and applied ancient references.

Repossi collaborated with fashion’s best young talent including Alexander Wang and Joseph Altuzarra, as well as cast friends as muses and engaged artist and sculptors in the creative process.

Apparently Gaia has given her young twist to the brand and everyone wants to own a piece from her amazing jewelry  collection including myself! :)