8 April 2011

Spring or Summer is here.........?

Hello Lovely people!
Summer or Spring is here?.....here meaning London town!
I am wearing a long white dress , and brown sandals yap! for me and million other people in London..... is summer today :)
Shame i don't have a photo of my outfit ....:(
Now, in the photo below  lovely Garance Dore work,
what i love about it, is the white suit and the way she styled this outfit with converse so cool!! or with high heels for a night out....need to get my hands on this gorgeous white suit!!!! Running to Zara , read her article and you will run too !

4 April 2011

Hat moments.......

Hello !!!!
Sorry for not posting for a while been travelling with work and now back and looking forward to post about my new obsessions , like hats !
 Loooove wearing hats, at the age of 16 or 17 was my first hat moment.  When i first wore  a hat similar to the photos above , everyone was looking at me as if i was an alien!!!!!!

It's a definite good way to attract eyes and attention, maybe not in London, but that is not the reason i love wearing hats, actually that is the reason i don't like wearing them! shy....but wearing a hat can be such a statement .....don't you agree?
It defines your mood . Love the photos above , these women look so strong and stylish , it's the body language that i love more than words sometimes.....

and the last one is from Garance Dore  blog

kiss xxx