7 July 2011

Fresh Flower Print......

Love this outfit so much , was shoot by Mr Newton at Glastonbury, really cool print very Stella!
Love the cropped top and the length and shape of the mini skirt so sexy and fresh !!! The Flower print is awesome!!! I bet is vintage.....I wanted to share with you this look.....

So my birthday was yesterday and I have arranged to go and see the most amazing dancer of all times performing for only 3 days in London, Sylvie Guillem this extraordinary dancer at the age of 45 she is still performing , her body and her movement is mind blowing, the performance is called 6000 miles away and the choreography is from the 3 most important choreographers of the dance world!

So excited looking forward to it !!!


6 July 2011

Most loved product of the week....

Boy i love those Chanel ankle boots! They are from the AW/11 and they will hit the stores soon.
Can't wait to purchase them !!!
So cool for an everyday laid back look , and for the cold winter days.....a pair that will always be looking good no matter the trends.
Link from www.anothermag.com