15 April 2011

Streetstyle is the new way to be......

Love their laidback style! nothing too much or over the top, just simple and chic!
Photos are taken from Mr Newton you can check  here,  great streetstyle photos....!

13 April 2011

While waiting for the train..............

                                                                       Sunnies vintage
                                                            White top is from Urban Outfitters.
                                                           Denim grey long skirt is Moschino Vintage
                                                               Ankle boots Urban Outfitters.

Last week i was in Italy north, near Parma -Fidenza , my reason for this trip was to do the buying for a company with vintage clothing.
I was waiting for the train in Fidenza station , which is a small and local train station, and the day was amazingly warm and sunny, so i started experimenting with the camera and taking photos of everything around me.....including myself!
 Love quiet ,almost deserted train stations! they have a sense of magic.....so nice to observe and if you have the right light take some nice photos.
I hope you enjoy browsing.......
kisses xxx

11 April 2011

colour and rings......

Looooove this photo from http://5inchandup.blogspot.com/ , i recently coloured my nails with an orange colour as in the photo above and it's so fun !
Her bug ring which i absolutely love is from H&M ......Can you believe it ??!!!
Got go now....running to H&M!!!!!!!
kisses! xx