13 April 2011

While waiting for the train..............

                                                                       Sunnies vintage
                                                            White top is from Urban Outfitters.
                                                           Denim grey long skirt is Moschino Vintage
                                                               Ankle boots Urban Outfitters.

Last week i was in Italy north, near Parma -Fidenza , my reason for this trip was to do the buying for a company with vintage clothing.
I was waiting for the train in Fidenza station , which is a small and local train station, and the day was amazingly warm and sunny, so i started experimenting with the camera and taking photos of everything around me.....including myself!
 Love quiet ,almost deserted train stations! they have a sense of magic.....so nice to observe and if you have the right light take some nice photos.
I hope you enjoy browsing.......
kisses xxx

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