9 April 2010

Finally spring is here.....

I couldn't resist myself to go out on a day like today in London, really warm day , sunny for a couple of hours and you could smell in the air that the spring is here !
So i met my friend and we walked all the way from London Fields to Redchurch str and back to Shoreditch, and i took some Spring photos as i have named , to share with you.

I love her tattoos , the printed baroque armchair and her shoes!

I apologise if the images are not very clear, i just have a Canon digital camera!

8 April 2010


I have always been a great admirer of hats.
I remember my first hat moment, it probably was when i was 16 or 17, a teenager anyway, a bit far from now :( back to my point, so i was wearing this big oversized hat, inspired by Diane Keatons feminine-masculine look , and all i remember is a unique feeling of coolness, elegance, and somehow it's quite provocative.
It's something very personal and states something, the way you feel in the particular moment you are wearing it, you might be feeling , masculine or sexy or maybe play a little role -character, it allows you to transform into something else. The hats you see in the pictures above are by Philip Treacy, one of my favourite hat designer's! Stephen Jones, and Piers Atkinson! Just let your creativity take over your mind!!!
I'm looking forward to this feeling again!
Hope you enjoy the looks...
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Yesterday i was in selfridges and i happened to see the new scent of Margiela which i absolutely love!
The design of the botle is beautiful, simple, and clean, as well as the perfume itself, bitter but so FRESH!
LOVE it! it's on my next list of things to buy!!!  ohhhh and the name (untitled) is perfect!


One of my favourite designers of all times.
For those who are not sure of who is Junya Watanabe,he is a Japanese fashion designer, he is the protege from Comme de Garcon, Rei kawakubo was his mentor.
Rei Kawakubo is one of my Top top designer's!!! along with Watanabe.
His design's are innovative and distinctive, he is considered to be a "techno couture designer" cause he is interested in synthetic technologically advanced textiles.
These are a few of my favourite outfits! The SS/09 collection is very tribal inspired , with great prints and bright colours, denim skirts with black ruffles and fitted denim jackets that make you wanna scream ! And the models carrying flowers in towering style head wraps is so beautiful, what a perfect way to welcome the spring days..... Hope you enjoy!