18 September 2010

Backstage at Rodarte!

Really LOVED Rodarte show! Beutiful prints!!!!!! very 60's and 70's inspired.......few words to describe this beautiful collection. The beautiful duo-sisters did it again, only this time they grew up entirely in this season. Love the layers of clothes in this collection ,a wood-grain-print blouse sliced high on the torso to reveal a provocative flash of skin above pleated trousers; the colours, cropped jackets and wrapped skirts decorate the models as they walk in their 70's style down the catwalk.
The platform wedges were carved from wood, metal, and pyrite cubes into butterflies and flowers. Devine shoes and not only, every bit of this collection is ethereal unique and glamorous!
Now i truly LOVE  the hair and makeup in this show, so girlie and sexy ......
(images taken from Dazed digital)
Rodarte Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Kate and Laura Mulleavy found inspiration for Spring in their backyard. Make that their childhood backyard. The sisters, who now reside in Pasadena, grew up in Northern California, and it was the redwoods native to that part of the country from which this collection sprouted. On the phone the night before the show, Laura promised "every shade of brown you can imagine, seventies suburbia, wood paneling, gold, off colors like chartreuse—basically, a combination of all the things that represent the area to us." www.style.com

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