16 April 2010

A day at the V&A

The day that i decided to go to the V&A i was recovering out of a really bad virus :( so i really needed some form of inspiration in my life, and that's how i headed  to the incredible and inspiring V&A (Victoria and Albert) museum of art and design. There was a great exhibition called Fashion,don't know if it's still on but if it's still on, i highly reccomend it,  and it's for free! It's reaaaaaally good , one can see clothes back from the 1850's up until now...i'm posting a selection of my favourite inspiring outfits, cause unfortunately they were too many to post all , i have also left a small part out, that i will post some other day and it's related to SHOES. So i took some photos to share with you.!
The PIANO dress is made by Karl Lagerfeld.

                                                  That's a Apres -ski Jacket by Ascher 1960

Dress Zandra Rhodes 1977

 Coctail velvet dress Valentino Garavani 1969 , Jactet & trousers silk satin Emillio Pucci 1965, Coat Missoni 2003
                                                                 Muslin Dress 1830

                       Woman's Riding jacket 1750-60                 Suit Barbara Hulanicki (BIBA) 1970
                                                     Suit Dolce&Gabbana AW/2004-5
                                                   Suitcase Tracey Emin for Longchamp 2004

 Evening dress Adolfo 1967, he was famous for his extravagant patchwork evening looks, this dress is made   from recycled  antique- crazy patchwork quilt to make the skirt, neck ruff and wrist ruffles. The neck is totally Balenciaga Resort 2010!!!!

                                                Evening dress-gown Jeanne Lanvin winter 1935.

                                                  Evening dress Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel 1932

  From the left, evening ensemble Cristobal Balenciaga 1967, centre evening dress by Pierre Cardin 1970, Thierry Mugler 1999-2000
                                          Dress Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garcon 2001
                                                               Dress by Zac Posen 2000
                                              Dress by Legendary Alexander Mc Queen SS/10
                                                    Evening dress by Christian Lacroix 1996

                                         ' Watteau' evening dress by Vivienne Westwood 1996

                                                      Iconic designer, Elsa Sciaparelli 1938

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. Of course my favorites would be the Dolce suit, and then the C. Balenciaga, Cardin, and Mugler trio.