17 May 2010

One of the greatest shoots in history! 'Angel story' Bazaar 1993

I absolutely looooooove this shoot by Lindbergh, i still remember it after so many years , so inspiring .
It was shot in Times Square in NY they had to close the street to shoot it!
His photos are so cinematic and raw, Amber Valletta is stunning , he captures her beauty in such a magical way, black and white on the streets of NY ,  wearing the Angel wings.......no words to describe.......the syling and makeup are AMAZING!

His pictures, often rendered in black and white with their industrial guts (cameras, lights, cords) showing, exhibit a deconstructed kind of beauty. "I show elements of the set in my pictures because it's not real," Lindbergh explains. "When I see movies, I often love the 'making of' more than the movie itself. It's not so final. When you have a woman just standing there, it doesn't mean much."

 His pictures mean a lot. He originally studied art in Berlin, beginning his photography career almost by accident. "Someone I knew needed an assistant. But I could have easily been a baker or worked in a flower shop." In 1973, he started shooting monochromatic advertising campaigns. ("Black and white, you see under the skin, no?") Today Lindbergh's imagery is instantly recognizable: from British Vogue to Harper's Bazaar; in campaigns for Dior, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, and LancĂ´me; numerous exhibitions; and five books. And sometimes, when arriving in New York from his home in Paris, he drives past his epic portraits of Kate Moss or Daria Werbowy on billboards for jeweler David Yurman.


  1. Firstly, thanks for the bit on Mr. Lindbergh. The photos are beautiful - I have always found Amber one of the most stunning models.
    The 3rd and 4th photos are my favs and definitely some inspiration for the dancewear I design and make for the largest dance school here. TX.

  2. Oh thank you! i love his work and Amber is a classic beauty. Happy you got inspired :) xx