19 May 2010

Sunny London, not really!

I woke up today and i looked out of the window , to see a beautiful day , sunny ,warm and i thought to myself, i need to get out and enjoy this! instead of sitting in front of my pc the whole day.....
So i went to Clissold park before meeting  my friends ,and it was perfect , very few people there , so i sat down the grass and enjoyed just 30 minutes of beautiful sunshine, cause it was just an illusion , later on, the sky was full of clouds , look at me! all i do is talking about the weather! it's part of the English culture i guess......

I took some pictures of myself and my surrounding as i had no book with me or nothing to do and  playing with the camera was a bit fun......made my sunbathing  more interesting, i always wonder though when you take pictures of yourself , if someone is looking at , it looks quite narcisistic thing to do lol ! I was quite shocked by the paleness of my skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holidays are around the corner.....
It's the first time i post photos of myself as i am new in the blog world , seeing photos of others in other blogs i find it quite inspiring so WHY NOT  it's good to try things out....innit?

                                 Wearing my stripe top , loose black pants and those wedges        
                                                  which  i've had for so many years now!

                                                            Clouds covering the sun:(

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