5 January 2012

Acne sales wish list...

I Was checking the Acne website which I totally realised that it has changed completely! So after a careful browse around Acnestudios Sales, 1st thing, hmmmm let's check the shoes that are on sale! nahhhh nothing very exciting there....but then I got quite excited about the jeans in the photo above, I find them really cool just like the photo, worn with wedges. The colour of the denim is perfect, light sky blue would you call it? and the fact that at the back there are no pockets just a different dye, I love! Next thing I thought to myself, hmmm let me check the jackets and DADA! I found this beautiful yellow-mustard cool long jacket blazer sort of thing that I totally fell for but I am not sure about the colour on me...I think it would work better on dark hair! I will have to think about the jeans and the jacket, hmmm they could work well together RIGHT? :) Clic on the images for a larger view! http://shop.acnestudios.com/?r=2# xx
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