15 June 2011

French Vogue.............Amour!

This is the best issue of French Vogue I have seen since Emmanuelle Alt took over!!!
The whole issue is dedicated to Greece and it's beauty....and Im not saying that because I am Greek ,partly yes, :)
It is very important to see other countries supporting and trying to help us (Greece) with any possible way, especially now that the whole economic crisis in Greece is affecting so much the country and the people.......:(
Through fashion you can pass a very strong message to the people in the world , i believe, and that's what Vogue did to me and to many other readers.
This issue has so many beautiful shoots , it really reminds me Vogue in the '90s (grew up reading and admiring the '90s shoots) and i think that's what they wanted to achieve and they have done it so well! Bravo Emmanuelle !!! Beautiful clothes make-up Atmosphere YES! that 's the word Atmosphere ................
Really happy to see that French Vogue is still one of my favourite Vogue magazine's in the world :)
I thought that since Carine left Vogue it wouldn't be the same but that is the issue that made me rethink.
Even though I don't speak French I buy it and try to figure out the meaning from the English words......hehehe silly but it works for me.
Another good factor is that it makes me wanna learn French! so I can read it without the help of my mum who when I recently was in Greece I was keep on asking her to tell me every single article's meaning! poor mum.......
Amazing issue , it glorifies Greece in the best possible way , with great fashion , art and beautiful -magical places one can visit.

Thanks Emmanuelle one more time for supporting the Greek spirit so well.........I guess you have tasted it  so you can pass the message so beautifully......

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