7 May 2011

Summer streetstyle....


Love the simplicity of her style! it's a fresh Spring-Summer air....
At the beginning i thought she was wearing sheer trousers but as i found this photo in Mr Newton blog
i read that she is wearing a skirt instead....no matter what, she looks beautiful and simple ,yet so elegant and fresh ! yes that's the word FRESH !!!
 Love her looks... everything is cool about this style. A) her sandals are perfect , B)sheer skirt is gorgeous C ) tee tied on the side around her waist is COOL! D) amazing knitted shawl to keep you warm in an early morning breeze....and finally THE hat! perfect element to the outfit , works great with the sandals as it's an earthy colour , tones of beige-brown......

I think i have everything for this perfect morning Summer outfit apart from a really nice pair of flat sandals which i am still looking to buy...... :(


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