19 February 2011


Sorry for bad blogging :(, i have been away with work! Now i am back, can't wait to share with you this!

I absolutely loooooooove the colours and the prints at the Proenza Schouler show!!!
The Native American feeling to it .......so cool! Well done Hernandez and Jack MCCollough!!!

As Suzy Menkes wrote on the IHT, International Herald Tribune paper :
the duo are way too young to remember the last attempt to revitalise American craft in the 1970's , But they have the advantage of being part of the internet age! What a statement???
They have used Japanese dyeing techniques and their digital prints have been incorporated with great skill.
Love IHT , it is a great newspaper with global coverage  + the glorious Suzy Menkes writes her fashion columns!!!!

I totally agree with Menkes!

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