1 November 2010

Kostas Murkudis!

Kostas Murkudis was born in Dresden and studied fashion design at the Lette-Verein School in Berlin. He began his design career in 1985 as Helmut Lang`s design assistant in Berlin. Kostas Murkudis presented his first men's collection for the Japanese market in 1995; the following year saw his show premiere in women's wear in Paris.

The fashion-design of Kostas Murkudis are characterised by an individualistic mix of materials, cuts, forms and classic tailor's craftsmanship. His creations are eminently wearable, despite his experimental approach to traditional materials and the incorporation of unorthodox details. His puristic basic is sexy and his minimalism has an innovative flair.

He was head of design at NewYorkIndustry's Easy Luxury label for two years, which is produced and marketed by Staff International, a subsidiary of Diesel.

In 2003, Kostas Murkudis again started designing under his own label «Kostas Murkudis» and also founded the brand «HALTBAR Murkudis» with designer Kathleen Waibel.

The photos above are my favourite outfits from his AW1011...

 Love the shoes , the asymmetric dresses and the beautiful bright colours in contrast with dark......!

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