4 October 2010

I couldn't resist myself......Last night i was chatting to my dearest friend on skype, what an invention!!! :)
and as we  were developing all sorts of different subjects from relationships, to life , work bla bla bla bla bla........after an 1hr or so we decided to do online shopping together......that was so much fun! I highly reccomend it.
Most of the time i shop from ebay  , but this time, we were on asos.com, looking after the shoes! what else....and i found the shoes i want to buy for my special evening outfits! I had a dilemma of which colour to choose as i liked both but i went for the secure old black, even my friend's advice over skype couldn't make up my mind.....ohhh late night shopping i call it!
 Looking at shoes while we were sending links to each other to check the photos and get a good opinion or advice  about the products! How crazy .......true, it's a good way to feel close to your friends that are not in the same city or country as you and share moments such as online shopping!
Loved it, looking forward for my next purchase :))

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