10 May 2010

Petrovsky & Ramone for Blend Magazine Spring 2010.

Another black and white shoot that i love is by Petrovsky & Ramone for Blend magazine.
I recently discovered their work and i LOVE their photography , their concept, the movement and the message they are putting out there,  very inspiring and influential!
"Have used Arabia, Africa, Europe and the United States as decor for their staged work, which captures a unique, raw and eccentric yet elegant world full of atmosphere that is caught in a participating and almost documentary style. http://newindustryarts.com/index.html 

Morena Westerik  and Petra van Bennekum  met while assisting the same photographer, traveling the world they started to create concepts and ideas for shoots and realizing them.
In 2005 P&R entered a competition and were invited to shoot a story for a Dutch fashion magazine. Soon after they started shooting editorials for both national and international magazines.
Their search for adventure, culture, emotions and experiences drives them to travel the world and shoot.

I wanna pierce all over my face!!!! lol

                          Amazing how beautiful can someone  look with all that piercing! so punk chic!

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