29 May 2010


I want to dedicate this post to one of my favourite fashion photographers, who came to where i work on Monday . When i saw him walking inside the room i couldnt believe in my eyes!!!!!! I tried to hide my surprise as he smiled and greeded me. The little voice inside my head was saying OHHH MY GOD PATRICK DEMARCHELIER is actually here in front of me, he is one of my heroes , i grew up following his work and i became a great fan as his work is exceptional.
Love his black and white photography most of all.
It's really strange to see people you admire, people you grew up following their work, and you never thought you would see , it really made my day , i never thought that i would see him and even say hello to him .

Looking at his photos especially the ones from the '90s , they  had a magic feeling to it, always strong and so vivid , his work was and still is so influential to me , he made me love and appreciate fashion photography!


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