22 April 2010

Volcanic ash is so Beautiful!!! Do you agree.....

I was browsing my old time favourite national geographic site and i found these AMAZING photos of the Volcanic ASH that has been on the news on and on and on and on and on! until flights will go back to normal. So much money have been lost cause of the ash, hmmmm ....shame, but there are people starving in other countries and no one gives a Damn , money, money, money .That's what this world is all about.....We have to accept it or create a bubble and choose to live differently, add a bit of colour and smile to the world.

Ok i know, i will stop now with my view of the world and i will share these photos with you! :)

                                                                 Icelands volcanic curve

                                                      Iceland volacnic ash seen from space

1 comment:

  1. Very nice pictures, the volcano is so annoying to every one, but at least it looks amazing !