29 April 2010

Brigitte Bardot THE Femme Fatale!!!

I dedicate this post to one of the most beautiful style icons of all time, the glorious Brigitte Bardot.
I kind of grew up watching her films and was fascinated by her beauty and her screen presence.
After 1hr of browsing photos of her online , i selected the ones that i like most and represent her eternal style if i may say, as she has been an inspiration for so many years to fashion designers, editorials, models and so on.......
In the following photos i  admire her sense of style and  sexuality,  after 1hr of looking at her i want to go and BlEACH my hair blonde! What i truly admire is that she is a massive animal activist and i do give her a lot of credit for that!!! Bravo Brigitte! 
A bit of Wikipedia won't harm...

In fashion the Bardot neckline (a wide open neck that exposes both shoulders) is named after her. Bardot popularized this style which is especially used for knitted sweaters or jumpers although it is also used for other tops and dresses.
Bardot is recognised for popularizing bikini swimwear in early films such as Manina (Woman without a Veil, 1952), in her appearances at Cannes and in many photo shoots.
Bardot also brought into fashion the choucroute ("Sauerkraut") hairstyle (a sort of beehive hair style) and gingham clothes after wearing a checkered pink dress, designed by Jacques Esterel, at her wedding to Charrier. She was the subject for an Andy Warhol painting.
In addition to popularizing the bikini swimming suit, Bardot has also been credited with popularizing the city of St. Tropez and the town of Buzios, Brazil, which she visited in 1964 with her boyfriend at the time, Brazilian musician Bob Zagury. A statue by Christina Motta honours Brigitte Bardot in Buzios, Brazil.

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  1. cute blog! and i entirely agree--Bridget is fantastic. and I love her hair.